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Apprehension (2007)

2' 56

Narrated by Mary Healy and music by Jeff Harbourne


Apprehension is a film work with voiceover narration. Apprehension is also the name of a race horse. The film’s spoken narrative, a story about the

delivery of a package in a time when electricity and water are scarce, was constructed using a list of the names of the horses in Apprehension’s

‘breeding tree’ found on the internet. In differing to the narrative the imagery references the source of the work showing edited home movie footage

of horse shows from the 1950's.  Each horse name appears in the story in the order in which it appears in the breeding tree below.

In The Wings GB 1986 First Kiss GB 1983
Saddlers Wells USA 1981 Kris GB 1976
Northern Dancer CAN 1961 Sharpen Up GB 1969
Nearctic USA 1954 Doubly Sure GB 1971
Natalma USA 1957 Atan USA 1961
Fairy Bridge USA 1975 Rocchetta GB 1961
Bold Reason USA 1968 Reliance FR 1962
Special USA 1969 Soft Angels GB 1963
High Hawk IRE 1980 Primatie FR 1975
Shirley Heights GB 1975 Lassie GB 1956
Mill Reef USA 1968 Vaguely Noble GB 1965
Hardiemma GB 1969 Vienna GB 1957
Sunbitten GB 1970 Pistol Packer FR 1968
Sea Hawk FR 1963 Gun Bow USA 1960
Pantoufle GB 1961 Georges Girl USA 1959

This work originally stemmed from the archive page here



Apprehension (2007)

By Lisa Stansbie


It was with apprehension that we delivered the package to the man in The Wings.  It was nearly six months since the last of the saddlers’ wells had dried up and

everyone, even the northern dancer, was forced to deal with the drought and periodic power cuts.  The bars that lined the main street were now places of solace. 

We had heard yesterday that Nearctic was now also without power and as we stood waiting nervously, Natalma the owner was already lighting candles in

readiness around the semi-circle of the bar. This gave it the appearance of a fairy bridge, propped up with soulless creatures who, without a bold reason to

consider leaving, remained in their special places.


The Wings was a dreary place, even with power.  The grimy image hanging above the bar of a high hawk appeared to be circling over the customers, most of

whom were out of work miners from Shirley Heights. In whispered moments throughout the journey we had speculated about the contents of the package. It

could contain the results of drilling from the Mill Reef, but Hardiemma didn’t agree and explained that if drilling had taken place, the rest of the group would

surely have appeared sun bitten or shown some signs of a tussle with the sea hawk. The bartender offered us pantoufle with our drinks and we accepted,

even though it was now triple the price.  Placing one in my mouth and leaving it to melt I thought of the time I ate it in the orchard during a sticky summer after

my first kiss with Kris.  I must sharpen up I thought, Atan Rocchetta had entrusted us with this duty and we must be doubly sure to live up to his reliance on us. 


The first thing that caught my eye was the Soft Angels’ insignia on the back of his jacket. As we sat down he identified himself quietly as Primatie, and introduced

us to Lassie, his companion. His vaguely noble air made me think he must have connections with the Vienna block. A man dressed like this, dignified and elegant

didn’t merge well with the pistol packers at the bar.  I had begun to relax by studying him carefully but then, quite unexpectedly I felt a gun bow at my knee. Trying

to steady my shaking voice as I spoke, I used my only escape route, ‘I am George’s girl’.










Apprehension has been shown in the following material sites:

2007 AvPhD Symposium 14th September, Manchester Metropolitan University

2007 The Zeppelinbend Exhibition (solo) 29th October - 9th November, Alsager Arts Centre, Manchester Metropolitan Univeristy

2007 Objects and Narratives Symposium 21st September, Loughborough University

2008 Olympolis Festival 12th - 20th July, Platamons Castle Train Tunnel, Katerini, Greece

2008 Sonic Boom Fiim Night, The Picturedrome Cinema, Huddersfield

2008 Nanyang Academy of Fine Art, July 2008 'Multiplicity' lecture and screening, Singapore

2008 Art Tech Media Festival, October, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife


and the following online sites

2009 Outcasting: Season 7 curated by Michael Cousin

2009 Hackamore Exhibition (solo) 12th March - 10th April, Window University of Auckland (with 'Hackamore' essay by Anna Parlane)

2009 online publishing project edited by Derek Horton and Lisa Stansbie


Apprehension is also discussed and film stills included in the published essay Connecting the Unconnected by Lisa Stansbie in the 2009 book

Telling Stories:Countering Narrative in Art, Theory and Film edited by Jane Tomey and Gillian Whiteley, Cambridge Scholars Press.

ISBN 10 - 1443805327