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Arcade Games (2006)

Made for The Window, Birmingham

Installation made from 250 folded paper houses


Exhibition statement

The consumption of commodities through the traditional ‘store’ and the spectacle of the store window are in some ways being destabilised by the virtual

experience of online shopping.  The leisure activity of shopping is being replaced by the interactive experience of e-commerce . EBay is perhaps the most

well used global marketplace for the exchange of commodities. Ebay is also ephermeral, each day the list of items for auction continually changes as

goods are ‘won’.  There is no possibility of a ‘history’ of ebay at a particular time, it will rely on memory to compare how it evolves. That is unless pages

from the Internet are printed out and stored/displayed themselves as material objects.


Arcade Games involved creating a model village that consists of  250 A4 paper houses.  The paper has EBay pages printed on it, the results of a search

completed on a specified day when the word ‘window’ is typed in, referencing the site of the installation. The way in which EBay subverts meanings and information

through the search facility is explored through using the simple word of ‘window’ to generate the results and subsequent objects.  The houses will be displayed on

various levels to give the impression of a landscape of information.  The positioning of the work in a ‘window’ will also place the virtual commodities in a seemingly

commercial context, even though the objectson the sheets will remain virtual.


The name Arcade Games references the Walter Benjamin book ‘The Arcades Project’ written about the spectacle of the Parisian Arcades which were

passages through blocks of buildings, lined with shops and other businesses. His book describes the decaying Arcades, pre-cursors to the Shopping Mall and

discusses forms of 19th Century Capitalism.  By using these words as a title the audience/viewer/shopper might more commonly make their own links to software and

computer gaming.