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Archive H (2007) The Harris Museum, Preston

Launch Archive H **


Archive H starts with 18 objects selected from The Harris Museum permanent collection.  By clicking on each object the user is taken on a journey of connections.

Initial entries consist of the museum photograph and official description of the artefact but are then followed by seemingly obscure objects, information and images.

These connections sometimes overlap, occasionally stop and at times end back where they started. The museum objects selected were taken from a tour given at

the museum of their most interesting objects:


  1. Gestation Corset
  2. Stuart Jar 1600-1700
  3. Leeds Cockle Pot and Cover 1790
  4. The Horrockses Model
  5. Poulton Elk Skeleton
  6. Anti-slavery Medallion
  7. Mens Silk Slippers c1620
  8. Bear Baiting Jug
  9. The Veiled Bride bust
  10. Puzzle Jug
  11. String and leather spectacles
  12. The Peddar's Dolls House c1820
  13. Charles and Diana commemorative box
  14. Wartime teapot
  15. Boys football boots
  16. Griselda bronze
  17. Funny Families cards
  18. Masonic jug c1800

The Internet was used in the construction of Archive H as an endless unedited source of information that is then organised and curated.  Visually ‘Archive H’

resembles a traditional (digital) archive and as a result museum users may take each page to be factual, particularly due to the location within

a museum setting and its point of origin being the material museum artefacts they may have encountered on their visit.  However entwined amongst the

factual there are also fictional entries and fact and fiction becomes undistinguishable.


The motif of The Poulton Elk (One of The Harris Museums most famous aquisitions) is used as a navigation tool to take a user back to the start of the archive.

A number of pages that feature in Archive H also appear in the Archive.


**All photographs of Harris Museum artefacts are copyright The Harris Museum, Preston.










Archive H was shown as part of:

2007 Prestival:Artist Interventions Across the City, Harris Museum, Preston


Prestival was a public exhibition and artist-networking event which took place in Preston from 7th – 22nd July 2007 and was organised by artists Elaine

Speight, Rebecca Chesney and Robina Llewellyn. 18 artists from cities including including Manchester, Liverpool, Nottingham, Glasgow, Sheffield, London

and Munich were invited to show new work alongside 25 artists from Preston, in venues across the city centre and in the public realm. All artists stayed in

Preston for the weekend of 20th July, in order to experience each other’s work and participate in networking events. Prestival was developed as a way to

bring artists from other cities in the UK and abroad to Preston in order to create networking opportunities for Preston artists, to raise the profile of the

Preston arts community and to bring new and exciting contemporary art to the city.