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The Archive (2005 - 2010)

Launch Archive


The archive is an interactive ever expanding digital archive that explores the notion of connecting the unconnected, using combinations of mundane and

unusual objects, text, images and film. Information contained within its pages is both fictional and factual, using internet search engines and my own

writing/reading to weave a network of associations.


The archive is used as a tool for the creation of the practice, in the form of satellite works that stem from its contents. These satellite works exist within

the archive pages and also as separate entities that are shown in material and immaterial sites.


The Archive fontpage is an index list of boat names that were moored in Aegina Harbour, Greece in August 2005. Each boat name is the starting point for a

series of connections. The archive functions as a website and each page contains a connective word, highlighted in white as a clickable link. A user may

return to the frontpage by clicking on the black and white archive image in the top right hand corner of any page. They can also return to

by closing the archive browser window or clicking on the "z" button.