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Cloud Collector Installation (2007)

6 from 4 Exhibition Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery January 2007


The installation comprised of a projection of a digital archive containing three hundred pages, that link three objects together in different ways. Through Internet

generated results the archive pages link the words 'trophies', 'pedestal' and 'bmx' together in a myriad of both mundane and surprising ways, mirroring the

process of search engines . Visitors to the space use the mouse placed infront of the projection to click on either the tophies, pedestal or bmx, this then generates

a projected list of titles of archive pages for that specific object demonstrating how it can be linked to the other two arbitary objects.


Next to the interactive projection is the film The Cloud Collector, displayed alongside are the books whose titles were used to generate the narrative for the film.

The books are on the shelf in the order they appear in the found list of 'the best selling novels from the 1950's' and also the order in which their titles appear in

the voiceover narrative within the film. The Cloud Collector film was made prior to the archive and the three objects that the projected archive is based on are

taken from the story The Cloud Collector.











6 from 4 Exhibition leaflet with Cloud Collector narrative