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Odoo (2007)

8' 49

Narrated by Basil Soper


The film uses the process of linking information, images and objects in order to create a series of connections, creating a virtual journey that

begins at the St Chads area in Leeds, U.K where the work was created and ends in central Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, the site of the films presentation.

The links are often through word association, dates or visual material sourced by search engine generated results, that have then been edited

into a 'script'. Fictional connections are also written in amongst the internet generated factual information. These fictional threads are usually

unidentifiable due to the authority of the narration combined with the absurdity of the selected factual links.


The links are conveyed via information from the voiceover and images/film are used to illustrate each link. The majority of found imagery is taken from

the auction website eBay, while film pieces contained within the sequence involve objects purchased from eBay and my own footage.


During the exhibition the film was shown in English and Mongolion with a voiceover by Tsendpurev Tsegmid.


Odoo Script here











Odoo has been shown in the following material sites

2007 Odoo/Current 10th - 30th April The Genghis Art Gallery in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2007 AvPhD Symposium 14th September, Manchester Metropolitan University

2007 The Zeppelinbend Exhibition (solo) 29th October - 9th November, Alsager Arts Centre, Manchester Metropolitan Univeristy