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Short Cuts at g39 Gallery, Cardiff, Wales. Spitfire Beach Film, photographs and model shown. March 26th - May 1st. Info. Exhibition pdf.



Spitfire Beach Project, T1 Project Space, University of Huddersfield. March 1st - 5th. Project blog



InCounter: Sound Video Text Event, Campbell Works London. Emperor of The Moon (2006) shown. 28th November. info



Pan-demonium Group Exhibition, AC Institue , Chelsea, New York. The Messenger (2008) Film and photographs shown. 3rd September - 10th October. Exhibition brochure



The Wings solo exhibition at Vyner Street Gallery, London. The Wings Installation (2010) 1st - 14th September. Exhibition brochure



The Wings Project, T1 Project Space, University of Huddersfield. 16th - 20th March. Project blog



Text Festival: Film Poetry, The Met Arts Centre, Bury. The Emperor of The Moon (2006) shown. 30th April. Press release



Art/Tech/Media: International Screenspace, Palacio de Orive - Filmoteca de Andalucia, VIMCORSA, Cordoba, Spain. The Cloud Collector (2007) shown. 26th - 28th November


Art Tech Media Festival, October, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife. Apprehension (2007) shown. 10th-12th October.



Purescreen 22: Hearsay film event, Castlefield Gallery Manchester. The Emperor of The Moon (2006) shown. September 9th. Info

2008 Olympolis, Platamons Castle Train Tunnel, Katerini, Greece. Apprehension (2007) shown. 12th - 20th July. Image



Sonic Bomb Film Event, The Picturedrome, Huddersfield. The Cloud Collector (2007) and Apprehension (2007) shown. 21st June.




The Zeppelinbend Solo Show. Alasager Arts Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University. The archive (interactive/projection). Emperor of The Moon (2006),The Cloud Collector (2007) Odoo (2007) and Apprehension (2007) shown. 29th October - 9th November. Launch Zeppelinbend Exhibition page



2007 Siberia International Film Night, Siberia Project Space, Hackney, London. The Cloud Collector (2007) shown. 29th September. Exhibition brochure
2007 Prestival:Artist Interventions Across the City, Harris Museum, Preston. Archive H shown. 19th - 22nd July. Info
2007 Athens Video Art Festival, Technopolis, Gazi, Athens, Greece. 27th - 29th April. Emperor of The Moon (2006) shown. Info
2007 Odoo/Current, The Genghis Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Odoo (2007) film shown. 10th - 30th April. Exhibition pdf



6 from 4, Group exhibition of 6 artists. Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery, Leeds. Cloud Collector Installation & Film shown. 16th January - 17th February. Exhibition brochure pdf


2006 Tesbed 4, exploratory gallery based event. Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery, Leeds. The archive shown. 3rd - 8th July.
2006 Arcade Games, Installation at The Window, New Street, Birmingham. April 1st - 1st May.







































































Online Work


2010 Spitfire Beach Blog. Blog of week long residency in T1 Project Space, University of Huddersfield.

2009      Issue 11: If X, then Y, A Pure Condition: Proposals and Rehearsals ISSN 1751-4134 (The Wings development photographs and Apprehension narrative)



Outcasting: Season 7 curated by Michael Cousin (The Emperor of the Moon & Apprehension)



The Wings Blog. Blog of week long residency in T1 Project Space, University of Huddersfield.



Hackamore Exhibition (solo) 12th March - 10th April, Window University of Auckland (The Emperor of The Moon, The Messenger & Apprehension with 'Hackamore' essay by Anna Parlane)


2009 online publishing project edited by Derek Horton and Lisa Stansbie (The Messenger and Apprehension)


2008 Issue 8: On Curating: Mad Love, Orphan Letters, Open Archives ISSN 1751-4134 (Cloud Collector Text and audio)


2007 selected for the rhizome Artbase an online archive of new media art (Screenshot of page in Artbase - The Emperor of The Moon)


Online magazine - Atlantic Basin Project: Mapping the Edge, Shifting Practice magazine has since closed (Cloud Collector photographs and audio)

2007 Issue 6: Things That Move ISSN 1751-4134 (The Emperor of The Moon)
2006 Issue 3 : On curating ISSN 1751-4134 (eBay interactive drawings)






































Reviews/writing about


April 2010               

The View: Review of Short Cuts at g39, Cardiff in Western Mail April 16th by Darryl Corner


October 2009 Pan-Demonium (Exhibition catalogue) by Gillian Whiteley

April 2009

What is it about Film? by John Hurrell. 20th March 2009. Review of Hackamore in eyecontact, New Zealand online art magazine


March 2009

Hackamore essay by Anna Parlane. Essay as pdf


September 2008

Purscreen 22: Hearsay by Megan Vaughan Exhibition introduction/review and Image from Emperor of The Moon (2006). Metro Newspaper 9th September


April 2008

The (Dis)order of Things: The work of Lisa Stansbie by Anna Parlane. Essay as pdf


March 2008

Scavenging from Margins to Mainstream: The Artist as Bricoleur by Gillian Whitely presented at Retour sur l’art de l’assemblage, Colloque international, National Institute of Art History, Paris and published by University of Paris Press. Symposium pdf (French).




























Conference papers/lectures given


May 2009                

Fluid Archives Conference Paper at Thinking About 'Things': Interdisciplinary Futures in Material Culture. An international, multi-disciplinary conference, University College Dublin, Ireland


August 2008

Multiplicity Lecture and screening. Nanyang Academy of Fine Art, Singapore.


November 2007

The Zeppelin Bend, public lecture in relation to exhibition. Alsager Arts Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University


September 2007

Multiplicity and Mobilised Place paper at AvPhD North Regional Workshop 'Landscapes and Communities' Manchester Metropolitan University


September 2007

Connecting the Unconnected paper at Objects and Narratives Symposium, Loughborough University. Paper published as the essay Connecting the Unconnected by Lisa Stansbie with film still illustrations in the 2009 book Telling Stories:Countering Narrative in Art, Theory and Film edited by Jane Tomey and Gillian Whiteley, Cambridge Scholars Press. ISBN 10 - 1443805327





















Conferences/Symposia/Workshops Attended


March 2007               

Digital Aesthetic 2. Conference and Exhibition. Harris Museum, Preston and Electronic and Digital Art Unit at The University of Central Lancashire.

October 2006

Encounters, Curiosity and Method: The Making of Practice Tate Britain, London and Kingston University.  Exploration of practice based research and an interrogation into contemporary methods of think about and undertaking research.


May 2006

Anticipating The Past: Artists: Film: Archive at Tate Modern, London. Conference investigating the use and appropriation of archival/found film footage and its use in creating fictions, histories and memory. Leading directly to an exploration of found footage within my practice.


March 2006

Walid Raad / The Atlas Group - The Dead Weight of a Quarrel Hangs: Documents from The Atlas Group Archive.  Exhibition and lecture at The Kitchen Space New York.


October 2005

Camille Utterback and John Klima New Media Symposia at Pace Digital Gallery, Pace University, New York.


October 2005

The Upgrade Event with Mark Napier. New Media pioneer of online practice. Eyebeam Centre for Art and Technology, New York


October 2005

Open Congress: Creativity and The Public Domain. The impact on creative practice of open source, practices of authorship, ownership and distribution. Tate Britain, London.


July 2005

Multimedia/Multimedia: crossing disciplinary boundaries in art and design research. AHRC funded day workshop on research relationship[s at Sheffield Hallam University.































July 2009

Pantelis Lazaridis Parkour Exhibition and discussion at Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece


July 2006


installation by Khalil Rabah ‘The New Palestinian Museum of Natural History and Mankind’  Dionyssiou, Areopagitou, Athens Greece.   Concerning notions of fictional spaces and subverting the authenticity attached to traditional museum displays.


October 2005


Interview with G.H Hovagimyan. New York based artist with specialism in digital and video work.